Siamsa Biography

Paul Legrand

Expertise:          Fiddle
Now Teaching:    Fiddle
Web Site:             
Phone                   (514) 899-0089

Paul Legrand was born in Normandy. His mother was the school teacher in the village where he grew up. Like many other students in his school, Paul benefited from his motherís teaching of the "flŻte ŗ bec".

In the 1970ís, important, well known, folk artists created a real interest for traditional music. Paul discovered a personal, long lasting, passion for Irish music and began to apply himself to the fiddle. He became self-taught and used numerous recorded performances for his learning and inspiration.

Paulís first trip to Ireland was in October of 1978. This was followed by a second trip in 1980 to England and Ireland. These travels continued to fire his intertest in traditional music. During these visits, his learning was enriched by the direct contact with session musicians.

In 1982, Paul began a two year journey throughout North America and, thanks to his music, established many new contacts. He decided to remain in Montreal and has been living in this city since 1985.

Paul's activities as a musician include sessions, concerts, dance evenings, dance competitions and teaching. Paul is responsible for the Advanced Fiddle Class for Siamsa; he is also the musician assigned to the Siamsa Dance Class.