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Ailie Robertson

Ailie is a musician in the broadest sense: composer, arranger, teacher, improviser and harp virtuoso. “Her synthesis of Irish, Scottish and contemporary harping technique into an individual style represents the realization of otherwise unimagined possibilities for the Celtic harp” (Niall Keegan, 2006).

Donna-Marie Sullivan

Think you have rhythm? Feel like hitting something from time to time? Then the bodhran might be the instrument for you! Donna-Marie Sullivan has been introducing new players and challenging experienced students for a good number of years now at Siamsa. She is always enthusiastically available to explain the instrument that Sean O'Riada revived more than 50 years ago.

Just listen to the "Marcshlua Uí Néill" and you will be ready to sign up!

Émilie Martin
Choir Director

Feel a song coming on? Siamsa`s singing class is waiting for you. Come and join Émilie Martin and a great group of singers as they fill the winter`s night air with song. No experience required just a willingness to learn and join in. There are plenty of good reasons to sing songs so why not come and discover a few that will benefit you directly and have fun in the process.
Gord Fisch

Be it on mandolin or guitar, Gord Fisch knows hs way around chords and tunes. Patience is his middle name and he'll even guide you along with a song. Dust off that instrument case, join a class and see what you have been missing in life.

And with thanks to the folks at CBC, here`s Gord singing Dark Island.
Kate Bevan-Baker

Kate is a multi-talented performer and teacher.  She will bring her students  to new levels.

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Marie-Claire Saindon

New to the fiddle? Want to start off and learn with no pre-conditions? Marie-Claire is waiting for your registration. Need more convincing? There are plenty of good reasons to learn to play no matter at what age you begin the process. Fun is right there, at the top of the list!
Marie-Hélène Dion Marie-Hélène Dion

With a background in jazz and Eastern European music, Marie-Hélène's powerful, energetic style does not go unnoticed. She will elevate your own playing style with a steady diet of tunes and good cheer!

Patricia Townsend

Next best thing to flying is dancing at Siamsa. Exercise, fun, music - all wrapped into one dynamic package. With no lack of creativity and new twists to traditional set dancing, you will be twirling and spinning with the best. Come and enjoy a great class and lift your spirits with a dance and tunes provided by Paul Legrand.

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Paul Legrand

Paul Legrand has returned to teach the advanced fiddle at Siamsa and will play for the dance class as required. Paul has been associated with Siamsa for many years and it will be great to have him once again share his music with students and friends. His graceful Irish style, impeccable rhythm, and vast kowledge of repertoire as well as Irish dancing make him an invaluable part of the school.

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Philippe Murphy
Tin whistle and Irish flute

The Tin Whistle is a great instrument to start off an adventure in Irish traditional music. It is a great way to learn tunes and start to be able to play along with others. The whistle does have six holes but, not to fear, Philippe Murphy will explain the instrument in a way that will have you playing a tune in no time. He may even let you in on the secrets behind his famous long A-rolls. Seriously this is a great (inexpensive) fipple flute that will lead you into the glorious world of traditional music... and you will have plenty of company !

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Simon DegraveSimon Degrave
Banjo and Mandolin

Is your heart leaning toward banjo or mandolin?  Simon offers for beginners good positions and efficient movements to acquire the right reflexes.  For intermediate players, he will built upon existing techniques with ornementation and interpretation. For everyone, he promises a cocktail of fun, relaxation and challenges spiked with tips and hints to learn quickly new tunes and techniques.

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Steve Jones
Button accordion

Steve Jones has taught many classes in fiddle and tin whistle at Siamsa over the past 15 years. He began playing fiddle over 30 years ago in London, where he was inspired and encouraged by Danny Meehan, Michael Hynes and other luminaries of what was then the world Irish music capital. Today, he plays whistle and accordion. He has played in many bands over the years, and currently leads the Siamsa Ceili Band.

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