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Here's how it all started: In the winter of 1991 Brendan and Bernadette Walsh were struggling on their own to learn Irish traditional fiddle so they organized group classes with David "Papper" Papazian. At the same time, they recruited Nancy Lyon and Philippe Longval to teach tin whistle and bodhran, respectively.

Since then, the roster of teachers has grown and changed, and dancing, drama, and other instruments have been added. The school is now guided by a board of 5: Denis Martin (Director), Gord Fisch (Secretary), Philippe Murphy (Treasurer), Donna-Marie Sullivan, and Daniel Dupuis (members-at-large).

The school is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Irish music, culture, and a sense of community by holding classes and other activities like dances and workshops. Click here to see the constitution and bylaws, adopted in December 2003.

These activities are made possible by the hard work of many volunteers who organize the ceilis and other fundraising activities, and with generous help from patrons. Over the years volunteers have included Steve Jones, Rae Shepp and Sylvie Larose (ceilis), Donna-Marie Sullivan,  Kelly Symons, Jocelyne Patenaude, Gemma and Harold Brooks, Caroline Wathier and Rachelle Bergeron.

Our chief patron throughout the years has been the St Patrick's Society of Montreal

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