Diving Deeper: exploring ornamentation & variations - for all instruments

This class will be offered by Steve Jones, multi-instrumentalist and céilí band leader extraordinaire.


Learn how to make tunes more interesting for yourself - and for listeners.

Obviously this requires freeing yourself from the habit of learning tunes only from sheet music, or regarding a particular version or transcription of a tune as something fixed.

This objective of the class is to help students understand how traditional players approach a tune. What ornaments to play, and when? In what context? How to introduce variations into a tune? There are very different and equally valid approaches to explore.



Steve, along with special guest musicians, will talk about varied topics, such as:

  • Technique: ornamentation / decoration / articulation
    - An overview of how players of different instruments make use of various techniques.
    - Tricks to master (e.g. rolls) on fiddle, flute, accordion, etc.
  • What can be gained from listening to performances of a tune by different players, on different instruments.
  • Finding personal takes on a tune.
  • Being aware of the basic scale or mode of a tune - choosing whether or not to introduce variations that “fill in the gaps”.
  • And more!


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