We want every Siamsa céilí to be a safe space, an event where everyone can enjoy socializing and dancing in comfort and safety.


If you attend a Siamsa céilí, you will be expected to abide by the guidelines that follow:

  • Do your utmost to ensure that your behaviour isn’t making someone else uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Respect everyone, regardless of age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, physical appearance, race, religion/spirituality, or other aspects of identity. Harassment in any form, including sexual advances, will not be tolerated.
  • Make sure you have consent before dancing with someone. Respect your dance partner’s personal space: take care not to make them feel uncomfortable, and don’t take advantage of the situation to engage in unwanted contact.
  • Be patient, kind and encouraging with beginners.
  • Please drink responsibly and make sure that intoxication (with alcohol or any other substance) does not adversely affect your good behaviour.
  • If you are asked to stop behaving in a certain way, please comply immediately.


If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe confronting a situation, or if you are aware of anyone making someone else feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way, please come to talk to one of the organizers. We take all complaints seriously and will do everything we can to resolve issues.


We expect participants to follow these guidelines throughout the evening. Failure to do so may result in guests being asked to leave without a refund.


The volunteer Board of Directors
Siamsa School of Irish Music