How does it work?

Adult instrument classes usually meet in small groups (4-6 people) for an hour each week, for 12 classes.

Teaching method depends on the individual teacher. Some use written music and some use learning by ear.

Students must supply their own instruments. You can get in touch with the teachers for more information or for advice on obtaining an instrument.

At the end of the semester, we end it all with a pleasant recital to showcase the students' progress!


Which level should I choose?


For fiddlers only, the novice level is for someone who has a lifelong burning desire to learn how to play the fiddle, but has never even held the instrument before.


You love Irish music and you want to learn how to play your cool new instrument.  If you have little or no experience playing music, or you are trying a new instrument for the first time, the beginner level is for you.


You have been playing your instrument for a year and you are ready for a challenge.  You will learn more tunes, start working on your ornaments and strengthen your rhythm. 


It's been a few years, you play reels and jigs regularly and you have started attending sessions.  The advanced class is designed to help you improve your swing and achieve the ever elusive Irish style.


Where are classes held?


Classes are held at
Marianopolis College
4873 Westmount Ave
Westmount QC H3Y 1X9



Parking is available on site for students.

Please do not contact Marianopolis for questions and information.




 Policies, Cancellation and Refunds

  • All classes are subject to minimum enrollment requirements.
  • You are welcome to try out the first class free of charge to determine if you wish to register.
  • Should you decide to cancel your registration, a written statement must be sent to the administrators by email.  A full refund is only offered before the start of classes.  After classes start, we will refund the remaining classes upon reception of the cancellation email.